A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Version 1.2 (July 24th, 2020)


  • Xbox controller support, but I'm not entirely sure it'll work for mac.
  • Minor adjustments to some levels.

Bug fixes:

  • The UI is no longer scaled by the screen resolution (this could prevent it from being seen.)
  • Jumping through a platform doesn't count as landing on the ground.

Version 1.1 (July 22nd, 2020)


  • Added a timer that appears after completing the last level.
  • Added SFX for attack swinging, attack connecting, projectile shooting, and launchable objects bouncing.
  • Added more VFX for player moving, jumping, landing, and attack connected, and launchable object bouncing.
  • Swinging animation for melee attacks.
  • Brief hitpause when landing a melee attack on a launchable object.
  • Added coyote time. There is a brief amount of time where the player can walk off a ledge and jump and still count as a grounded jump.

Bug fixes:

  • Standing on a crystal ball now counts as standing on the ground.
  • Shooting a magic bullet under a platform no longer counts as a collision.

Coming soon...

  • Music?
  • More SFX and  VFX?


A young wizard wanders into a dungeon deep underground. Upon entering the dungeon, she discovers that her magic is now far more sensitive and uncontrollable. Explore the dungeon by launching the crystal balls to their pedestals.

Programming, artwork, and sound design by Luke Martinez. For Lauren Barnett.


WASD to move, you can use space to jump and double jump. Aim with the mouse, attack with left click, and shoot with right click. Using a mouse is heavily advised.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Difficult, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


Crystal Ball Chaos-windows-v1.2 22 MB
Crystal Ball Chaos-mac-v1.2 22 MB
Crystal Ball Chaos v1.0 (game jam version) 19 MB

Install instructions

I've been getting a lot of reports that the  game triggers windows defender or that some people have been not been able to play on mac. So if you run to either of those problems you can try this.

  1. Search for "itch.io app" on your browser, download, and install the itch.io app.
  2. Open the app and then enter the link for this game within the app, it works just like a browser.
  3. Click the install button on the bottom right. Don't click the regular download buttons.
  4. Click downloads on the bottom left and you should be able to play the game with no problem!


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When i downloaded it and went to run it, it was called "CrystalBallChoas" instead of "CrystalBallChaos", just letting you know


Fantastic game. When I came through this game I thought it was going to be another frustrating game. But, there is a saying"Do not judge the book by its cover". Overall, It was a short, joyous and fun puzzle game. I just felt that there could've been a little bit more sound effects, levels and fitting music.


A really short and enjoyable puzzle game where you're a wizard who specializes in two things: chaos and balls!

Going in, I wasn't too sure if I was going to enjoy the concept of not having total control of the objects within the puzzle, but with a little bit of practice, the balls that you're able to move can easily be manipulated to go where you want; my only gripe about the main mechanics of the game was that the shooting mechanic wasn't really ever necessary (except for one level).

All in all, this is a nice little game that can be beat in about 10 minutes that ticks all the right boxes for puzzle-platforming

My playthrough:


Awesome game! Really enjoyed playing this morning. If you add more to the game, I was thinking maybe making the fact that you can jump off of the balls into an actual part of the puzzle as well. Either way, thanks for the game and enjoy the rest of your day!


Just letting you know so you can fix it, the current Windows file application is called Crystal Ball Choas instead of Crystal Ball Chaos. Just thought it would be good to know lol.


really cute graphics and super fun! my time was 11:41.25.


Hello ! I've just played your game and I liked it !

If you want, I can compose a music track for your game.

I would really like to help !


Can you make a browser version?


ya make it play-able on browser it will be so cool


Nice! Although it would be nice to be able to continue back where you left off once you go back to the menu.


Incredible job! Looking at the concept, I thought this would be frustrating, but it was actually really fun! You pulled this off perfectly!


Nice game! At some points, getting the ball to the goal was pretty frustrating, so maybe in the future, you can add difficulties or an "assist" mode (like in Celeste) that suits players who are not epic gamers (like me apparently). Music would also help improve the atmosphere! :)

This game just triggered my Windows Defender. It says theres a TrojanSpy in it.windows defender

I've been getting a few reports similar to this. I added some extra install intructions in the description above. Basically it just says to install the itch.io app, install, and launch the game through the app and it won't give any problems. Please let me know if this works!


The game was installed and launched from the itch.io app though. 

Have you figured out the reason why it might have triggered the anti virus through?

In the screenshot it has the v1.1 for some reason? That version has not been available for download for a while. I'm not sure what's wrong but that seems very stange.

pls halp

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There can be some problems when trying to play on mac so here's something that you can do:

  1. Search for "itch.io app" on your browser, download, and install the itch.io app for mac.
  2. Open the itch.io app and then you'll be able to enter the link for this game within the app, it works just like a browser.
  3. Click the install button on the bottom right. Don't click the regular download buttons.
  4. Click downloads on the bottom left and you should be able to play the game with no problem!

I tried to be very detailed so I can post it in the game description as well. Please let me know if this works, thanks!


tank you i love u c:

i cnat pay the game on mac :(((


Great game, The lack of music is my biggest complaint. There were some levels that extended slightly past the screen. many of the levels can be solved with out needing to interact with the skulls at all(although it does take some amount of planning, so I would say they can be "cheesed"). There was one point where one of my wand projectile just kept slowly bounce across the top of a level without disappearing. I would also appreciate  some more "juice" on hitting the balls and having them collide. Some things like screen shake or slowing time would really sell the impact. Overall great game.


This game is so much fun !!


This is sooo much fun! Amazingly done! I'm going to have nightmares about those stupid skulls though :P


Game triggers Windows Defender antivirus.

Yep for me too

You can run the game with no problems through the itch.io app, but other than that you should just be able to ignore that warning. Sorry about that!

how do i get past the windows antivirus thing


This game is incredibly pretty and fun. While the concept is relatively standard, this is one of the few games that I'd actually legitimately play in my spare time. The physics system coupled with the superb aesthetic provide a very satisfying experience.